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We here at the South Carolina Museum are dedicated to documenting this important part of Cotton Country history. In the coming months we will be scanning and up loading newspaper articles and other print concerning our resident celebrity, the Lee County Lizard Man. This process will take time so please be patient. In the meantime, visit our gift shop or call us to order your Lizard Man tee shirt, hat or bumper sticker.

Bishopville,SC. -- An orange moon rises over Scape Ore Swamp, frogs sing a deep- throated mournful tune, mosquitoes dance across a bayou fed by artesian springs, and the curious gather, waiting and watching. It is a creature bigger then life: say the few who claim to have seen it.  Looming 7 - feet tall and covered with tough, scaly green skin, muscular ape like arms ending with three fingers tipped with 4 - inch long black nails and long claws on three toes. The slanted eyes emanate a piercing red glow. It walks somewhat like a human. Lizard Man.  Is it a mutant from the swamp?  A rare Bigfoot?  A bare or other animal distorted by the moonlight?  A product of an overactive imagination?  A zany - and just far successful hoax ?  People here wish they knew.  The Lizard Man made an appearance in June 1988. He ate butter beans, his favorite food. Hurricane Hugo may have killed the Lizard Man , since that hurricane the Lizard Man has not been seen : however, new circumstantial evidence suggests that it has again come out of Scape Ore Swamp  in Lee County.  Have you seen the Lizard Man ?  From the colonial days of settlement,the Swamp Critters/Lizard Man stories have been told.

Check the Company Store page for Lizard Man, shirts, hats, and feeding supplies.