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US paper currency is not paper at all... it's a blend of 75% cotton lint and 25% linen. A 480 pound bale of cotton can be made into 313,600,-- $100.00 dollar bills.

Sheer cotton muslin, woven in ancient India, was so fine that 73 yards of it weighed one pound.

Cotton is a member of the Mallow family of plants.  The Arabic people called it "Qutum" which is where we get the word "Cotton".

Eli Whitney's cotton gin wasn't a new idea.  The "Churka" invented in India 3,500 years earlier, was efficient at ginning long staple cotton but ineffective on the short staple variety. Whitney's gin was the first to process short staple cotton.

Mills in Lancashire, England exported 7,000,000,000 yards of cotton fabric 1913.  That an amazing 221.97 yards per second.

Between 1920 and 1922 , the Boll Weevil caused cotton production in South Carolina to drop 70